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At sanzMaxxon, we are developers of internet assets, in very much the same way as real estate developers build and manage real estate. By purchasing and developing the resources, creating the traffic, and bringing real customers to our Business Allies. We allow small to medium sized companies to enjoy the benefits of branding and growth that large company can gain from their internet strategies, without an up front investment.

This site is designed to provide basic information regarding the many different aspects of the website services we probide. Granted, we give great tips for those who want to do it themselves, but the fact is that when we mention a subject like color combinations, their balance, and the psychology behind them, we are only speaking a sentence, but the information available to become proficient at them requires studying books, and practicing for years.

Each page in this site will have an icon nest on the left hand side, with links to major subjects of the site, and quick links to related subjects within the same area of exploration, to allow easy cross-referencing, and direct access to your subject of interest. The entire collection of pages is designed to be a sequence, that takes the viewer through the design and construction process from A to Z. The links in the nests are in that order, the links in the menu above are in that order, and at the conclusion of each page, you can select the "next" button to simply continue reading along that sequence. The idea is to make it easy for you to get through the content of the site.

We try to do the same for you in our business relationship, doing almost all the work. And what we deliver is the result of a lot of work. Our large 70+ page websites contain a lot of the higher end features that would be out of range for most small to medium sized business entrepreneurs. Like software integration, social networking engagement, interactive forms, state of the art design, and world class support networks to create a leading online presence.

If you are a hard working owner of a small business with great local services, and are ambitious and ready for growth, read through the information on this site today, and contact us to see if you qualify for an internet marketing program without any upfront costs.

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