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Video Channel Page Development and Production Services
Communication with customers must happen in the preferred way of the customers...

Some people say that with technology comes comfort and that video has made us lazy as a society, but it is not the way we see it. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With that being said, video is a stream of a thousand pictures. We believe that as a society, we are seeking the richness of interaction, not the avoidance of effort itself, and that is what video provides. The fact is that video is the preferred media of choice a majority of online visitors, and as such, having a presence in this area is paramount.

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Video also has a synergy with search engine results, because a page that has great written content, relevant images, and relevant video will out-rank a page that has great written content, and relevant images without a video. And so, video production is an essential component of any online marketing campaign, especially local businesses which thrive on placements in local directories that accept video. Directory referrals are the second greatest source of qualified new website traffic, after search engine traffic, so it is imperative to address the ranking within directories, and video is paramount to that effort.

The videos we create use licensed images and sound-tracks, and are engaging and relevant, with refined intros and closes, and a subject that begins with stimulating curiosity, builds into a compelling call to action and then subsides into a sense of trust in the quality of the production. We do not produce material for a Grammy, but we do produce a video that leaves a sense of satisfaction and respect in the mind of a potential customer, and that is our aim.

We also link our video resources through our YouTube channel for the Ally Program into social networks, allowing customers to quickly share the video / page content with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus with a single click. Very simple formula to what video support adds to our online success… More engagement + Easier sharing = More Business.

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