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Some years ago, our founder, Gregory Sanchez, was involved in the marketing activities for an upscale spa in Sunrise, FL. Under his supervision, the spa launched numerous advertising campaigns with the help of marketing experts from every marketing style that could be imagined. From printed brochures and flyers, to magazines, online directory schemes, social marketing ploys, text marketing, email listing services, direct mail operations, telemarketing centers, radio stations, television advertising, events and concerts, gift cards and loyalty programs, referral incentives, daily-deal website promotions, all the way to the selection of a spa location to generate improved visibility and traffic of potential customers.

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The options were endless, and the results were generally disappointing. With a background in computers for over 25 years, Gregory began developing new connections and placements for the website of the spa, and the site began to show up in search engine results, and produce results. Seeing the potential, countless hours of education, investigation, and investments in technology ensued, until the website alone was producing more than half of the new customers that walked into the spa, even with an optimal location and strong referrals, and all the other advertising measures.

From that time, site optimization and networking has become the main focus of our efforts. As the art and science was perfected, we knew we had a very powerful offering to bring to the market. The basic question was, how can we communicate to potential customers that our online marketing strategies really work? And the answer was simple. Well above ninety percent of the marketing programs available do not guarantee performance, and it is very reasonable for them to not do it, since they rarely do perform. Only the daily deal website promotions will take an income only when they actually bring in customers. But the pricing, and the percentage of the revenue they demand make the entire project a cumbersome loss. A lot of work with unqualified consumers, who rarely return, and if they do, they expect everything to be at a similar discount. Industry leading gift card companies also brought in a few new customers, and were paid at an eighty percent rate, which was sustainable, but the traffic they brought in was minimal. There was simply no sustainable source of ample customers out there.

But what we could bring was a steady stream of new customers who are actually interested in the services, and qualified to purchase them at a reasonable price, and we can provide the stream at a percentage that is sustainable for most businessess. We know we are very unique in our services, and the investment we have to incur for each customer is very sizable. Our websites have a lot of valuable content to enrich the potential customers that visit our sites. They are well thought out, have ample cross-links for convenience, have superior appearance, and carry clout in almost any industry. They become a critical part of our allied partner's resume. We also strive to stay ahead of the changes in the market, and develop world-class websites that look great and deliver where it counts most... to your bottom line.

With the magnitude of work, and having limited resources, we cannot invest in every opportunity, so we are very selective in who we partner with. If you have a company that you feel could use our help, please send us a little information about your company by filling out the application for assessment, and we will get back with you to discuss a possible next step in our mutually beneficial commercial alliance.

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