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Q. If I am declined in the strategy assessment approval process for an investment free alliance with sanzMaxxon, can I still have you design a page for me?
A. The reason we would decline your approval would probably have to do with a low return on investment relating to your particular industry, product offering, geographic expanse, consumer search behavior in your city, or the competition for the first page search engine results is so competed, that the effort required to get there and stay there, is not justified by the potential reward, as is the case with post merger integration consultancy services, for instance. If you still wish to invest for the purpose of branding, communication, reputation, or providing an added convenience to your customers, we cannot assume the expense of putting together your program. We can however, look into the possibility of working with you providing services a-la-carte, so you can have your website.

Q. How much does is cost to build a page?
A. Our business proposition is to not charge for a website, but to absorb the development costs, and charge only a percentage of the sales that are generated from our online campaign, which makes the program affordable to anybody who has a good product or service to offer. If you wish to own your online assets and program, we charge a-la-carte for online services as they are rendered, at the following rates: $200 an hour for strategy consultancy, $80 an hour for professional marketing script writing, $400 production expense per off-site video, $40 an hour for website design and online marketing services, with a deposit/retainer between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on the scope of the job.

Q. How long will it take to build my page?
A. Our website are much larger and thoroughly made than what is in the industry, that is one of the main things that sets us aside. Building higher quality takes time, and building larger websites take a longer time than building a 5 or 10 page site. The length of time to build our last website, which has 97 pages, was about 1,150 human hours from the strategy, to the concept, to the construction, to the approval and launch. Each build is different, but we expect a deliverable live website that lives up to our standards within 6 months.

Q. How long after it is built will I start seeing customers come from it?
A. You will see initial results within the first two weeks of the launch, and a fuller volume of traffic within two months of the launch.

Q. How much time will it take for my participation in the program?
A. Being in an alliance with sanzMaxxon, means that we are together in business. The strategy phase will require some 6 to 8 hours worth of discussion, spread out over several sessions. The design phase will require evaluations that may take from 10 minutes to an hour, on each of about 4 or 5 iterations concluding in the proof and final approval of the website by the entire team. Once the website is launched, it will require about 3 hours of your time to communicate any adjustments you find necessary, over a dozen or so interactions, like pricing changes for seasonality, or service expectations that you would like clarified. After everything is in place, and a routine is set, we will have about 30 minutes to an hour a month for sharing feedback, providing ideas for new messages to communicate online, and discussing financial results. And of course the time to handle all the leads that will come in, which vary depending on your sale cycle involvement.

Q. What types of websites do you build?
A. The technology and resources we use focus on the business aspect of website management, and the results of the site. As far as the actual content, we can do anything, we are proficient working with XHTML, CSS, Java, Spry, flow design, photo manipulation, and graphic arts technology. Some things a customer requires will be outsourced. For instance, custom Java script beyond the scope of our library, PHP, ASP/, and database technologies are not an in-house project. If a website requires these features, they will be outside of the scope of our standard agreement. Expenses for database services are considered a management expense of the allied business, and not a business development expense of attracting customers online, and therefore, are the responsibility of the allied business owner.

Q. We use a cloud based database software for managing our scheduling and sales in the front of the house, and it has an online portal for our customers, and would like to have everything at the website, do you handle that?
A. Yes. We create portals and links that seamlessly integrate into most online database access technologies. If the particular programming is incompatible to be extracted onto the site, we can still provide an access page that forwards the guest to the log-in at the database site, and assist to customize the database site for a better matched appearance to the main site, so they feel related to the customer, and they have a smooth experience in the transition.

Q. Do you use templates or are the sites custom designed?
A. So far, everything we have made is one-off custom designed in-house templates, based on the specific needs of the site. We can also do commercial templates, which are great for smaller, static sites, but find that there is much more flexibility starting from the ground up, than there is once content is loaded into a template, and we need to interpret someone else’s design first to later adapt it.