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sanzMaxxon Privacy Policy
Our policy on how we handle information

Date of last revision June 16th, 2013

At sanzMaxxon we are committed to protecting your information and your privacy. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our policies of handling of information.

Data Security. All customer information managed by sanzMaxxon is kept in secure electronic storage with backups and protected by a robust firewall, and/or closed network.

Personal Information. When you engage our services, we will collect personal and business information of a sensitive nature. This information may be used for various purposes, including:

  • Ensuring we have all the correct parts of a program to support your business growth.
  • Registering a file that will allow us to contact you in the future.
  • Suggesting programs, and services we feel may be useful and appreciated by you.
  • Sending you notes and promotions, including but not limited to birthday and anniversary notes, and new launches of services.
  • Service and/or market research and development, and internal requirements such as audits and training.
We will never disclose your personally-identifiable information to any third party without your express written consent unless it is required by law.

Cookies and Tracking. We may from time to time utilize technologies that help to better understand the way our customers interact with our services, and maximize the efficiency of marketing by pairing services to potentially interested customers. Information is pulled from internet browsers, and used for statistical, demographic, and strategic purposes, to ensure our technology works well with the browsers used by our customers, and to better understand the sources of our site traffic. This information is reviewed as a pool, not as an individual. Browsers have the option of operating with cookies disabled if this sharing of information is a concern.

Transactional Information. We retain the details of transactions and payments as confidential information, and may use the information for internal accounting and for other purposes such as evaluating trends and forecasting.

Testimonial Consents. Each customer agrees at signing or electronically sending in a testimonial consent form to sanzMaxxon, to authorize us to disclose the customer's full name, and the service they describe in the statement. we reserve the right to change words, or grammar in order to improve the clarity or flow of a statement. Effort is taken to preserve the original intent and extent of our customer's comments to the maximum extent possible. Examples of common adaptations of a testimonial statement are for instance: "Greg was very professional!”, since we do not use employee names in our marketing, we will change it to “My webmaster was very professional!”. A testimonial saying “the service was great, and the website was great, and the results were incredible”, can be rephrased to “the website and service were great, and the results were incredible”.

If you have posted a testimonial statement with us, and for whatever reason feel that your testimonial statement does not accurately reflect your heart, please let us know to make the appropriate changes. The purpose of collecting and disseminating testimonials is to gain credibility, and we cannot expect to accomplish that goal unless all the information we provide is truthful and transparent. We are therefore very interested in getting them right. You can reach us by phone at 954.830.8151, by email at info@sanzmaxxon.com, or by following the contact us link.