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The development of an online program begins with the Corporate Identity Design
Knowing who you are as a company is great, sharing it with employees and customers is better.

Logo Design ServicesThe first step in the actual creation process is the corporate identity. A logo, color pattern, business cards, letter head, and style for all graphic print and media art for the company. After the completion of the planning steps, creating a corporate identity that is relevant is not as complicated as it seems. Of course the Ally is a primary influence in the process of developing the corporate identity, because the logo and style of the website must fit the logo and style of the company, and for that reason, it is important that the Allied Partner find the new corporate identity as a change that is welcome and appealing.

Logos are a very important aspect of branding the company as a leading supplier in the market. It must have a feel that is in line with the mission of the company, and is appealing to the target market. Logos also must communicate strength and professionalism, in order to create a sense of trust in the prospective customer who visits the company’s facilities or comes in contact with printed or graphic ads of any kind.

Logos are made through a process of iteration, identifying icons that associate with the personality, colors, and fonts, and mixing and matching them in different combinations and presented in a sequence of ideas, each time with a different feel. When a winning combination is found, the font is then customized to be more in line with the icon feel, the colors are adapted with gradients and shadows if desired, and a slogan may be added as well to create a professional image with a lasting residual presence of a relevant message.

Business Card Design ServicesBusiness cards are important, and tie into the business communication. They are an important part of the Corporate Identity, because they leave a lasting impression, and become a resource that many people remember. In the same way as the logo, a business card must communicate a message, contain the relevant contact information, be professional and feel solid and strong to provide a sense of trust so customers feel confidence in doing business.

Other Graphic advertising include email signatures, exterior facility signs, fleet vehicle wraps/colors, and window print, and again must all have a similar feel that allows people to associate the website with the vehicle, or the business card with the facility, or the email with the vehicle, etc.

Marketing works through repetition. People are more willing to trust and try the things they see all the time, and that is why television and radio advertising is sold in blocks and why billboards and magazines have fixed corporate patrons that keep their advertising in place issue after issue, month after month. One of the most powerful advertising campaigns in history was the Energizer Bunny, it was witty, funny, engaging, tied into the brand (long battery life), and very, very repeated. Without a distinctive and similar feel across the different points of contact, customers may not even be aware that the messages are related.

It is very important that every communication, whether it is visual or audible, live up to the personality of the Corporate Identity developed in-line with the main company strategy.

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