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Social Media Page Development and Integration
Communicating with customers has to take place where the customers spend their time...

As of summer 2013, Facebook has about 700 million active users every day, engaging with and showing interest in (liking) 4.5 billion things on Facebook. That is more than twice the population of the entire USA online at the one site, liking items at a rate of about 650 likes per business establishment in the USA per day. Naturally, all this is not concentrated in a local market, but 2 out of every 3 people in the USA spend time on Facebook, and the trend of people engaging and interacting with the things they desire on social networks, is simply undeniable.

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Having a local business without a Facbook page is the modern version of what a business without a phone book listing was several decades ago. Your business is not found where people are looking. This doesn’t mean that Facebook is the solution for marketing a company, in many cases that is far from the reality. As a matter of fact, in our experience, Facebook is a minor part of the new business that comes into our program, but engaging with existing business is a different story.

In the communication age we live in, where marketers bombard customers with their messages intended to build their personal profit, consumers have learned to distrust advertising. But people will believe their social circle of friends and family. If they say they had an incredible experience at a restaurant with great food in a beautiful ambiance at an amazing price, now that place will have several new customers from that endorsement. The true power of social networks is in the referrals, and that is the name of the game… gaining engagement from satisfied customers with a Facebook page.

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Our social media services include the design and creation of social pages that are attractive to the target audience, and also posting interesting, fun, and relevant posts to engage and hopefully create a viral lift, where the customers like the post and the customers friends see them liking it. We post at a pace that does not become cumbersome to the business’ followers, so they will not tend to block posts from our pages. We handle the entire participation from A to Z, with minimal effort required of our Allies, and yet they are the ones who reap the reward of a stronger customer engagement, repeat business, and referrals.

And not just on Facebook, we also provide a social network presence for our Allies’ online programs on Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. A secret a lot of people don’t know is that a powerful combination of engaged customers across social platforms synergizes with the interaction at the website, improving search engine ranking even further. Silly as it may seem, a good, business relevant joke on Facebook, can make the main site show up in position number one instead of position number three in a Google search, and that small difference isn’t so small. Thirty percent of people click on the 1st place result, while 10% of people click on the 3rd place result. In other words, what seems like a minor difference could mean triple the number of visits to the website.

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