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Connecting a new site begins with registering in Search Engines and Directories
There are literally thousands of search engines and directories around the world, that carry our information.

At the launch of each finalized website, we go through the registration process, which essentially is a formal announcement that the website exists. The registration process includes signing up the entire network into thousands of map services, search engines, and directories around the world, to improve the presence and activity within the network. The process of signing up can easily take a week, taking into account the research time and our manual listing in high-value placements.

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Massive registrations submissions are used for generic directories (thousands of them), and search engines. It is important to register with the big three (Google, Yahoo and Bing), but what many people don’t know is that there are literally thousands of smaller search engines around the world, where registration is possible, and they will generate some additional visits, which are helpful.

Registration is more than just signing up in several thousands of sites. It is signing up in the right sites, and using the right media, and the right verbiage to focus relevant traffic back at the network. The major focal points of the registration process are local maps like Google Places and Mapquest with images, video and a customized appearance, relevant mobile apps with high-value tags and search keywords, and specific targeted industry directories which are a trusted information source within many niches.

In the website building process we saw how relevance and clout are important for search engine presence. And now we see that the result of the registration step will be to increase traffic, which is a final essential component for search engine presence.

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