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The sanzMaxxon reason for being
All our efforts center around a good-faith profitable partnership promise

At sanzMaxxon, we are developers of internet assets, in very much the same way as real estate developers build and manage real estate. By purchasing and developing the resources, creating the traffic, and bringing real customers to our Business Allies. We allow small to medium sized companies to enjoy the benefits of branding and growth that large companies gain from their marketing and website development teams, without hiring expensive personnel, or investing in software, computers and server technology, communication tools, assets, facilities, supplies, or benefits and support. As a matter of fact, the only investment is the time it takes to interact with us on the strategy and support our efforts putting together the custom internet program to promote your business.

We will make you interact better with your customers, we will make you look good, and we will make you money. That is our promise to you. If we don't, you don’t pay a dime...

We do most of the work by far. And it is a lot of work... Our large 70+ page websites feature a lot of the higher end features that would be out of range for most budding entrepreneurs, like software integration, social networking engagement, interactive forms, state of the art design, with balance, color coordination, and professionally developed scripts, and world class support networks to create a leading online presence.

It is important that we make money, but money is not what matters most to us. We are artists, dreamers, and love to play with our craft. We are all about growth, helping others, and creating win/win situations with our Allied Partners. Our responsibility is to generate new business for our Allies, and our confidence in our ability to do it is so strong, that we only take our profit after our Allies receive theirs. In other words, if our internet program doesn’t make money, it is free… and if it makes little money, we will charge just a little, regardless of the months of development that went into a project. We will make you interact better with your customers, we will make you look good, and we will make you money. That is our promise to you. And if we don't, you don’t pay a dime...

It takes only a few minutes to look into our offering, and even if your business does not qualify for a program, the process of exploration will shed insight that could help to improve the performance of an in-house internet marketing campaign that you may wish to launch in the future. If you are an owner of a small to medium sized business with great local services, that has minimal online success and has been frustrated with achieving growth, and you are ambitious and ready to take the next step, you owe it to yourself to read through the content of this website. If after learning what we do, you feel that you want to learn more about becoming an ally to sanzMaxxon, fill out the information on our application for strategy assessment. We will look forward to hearing from you.

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