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Mobile Friendly Websites and Applications
Websites need to interact with mobile users, to benefit from the available technology and consumer preferences...

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Smart Phones have become an integral part of our daily life, and more and more they have become our tool of choice in researching and making sense of the internet, and that is making it more and more important to have websites that are friendly for mobile device use. And not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. For perspective, 6% of all visits to our websites in 2011 came from small screen format mobile devices. In 2012, the same statistic was 21%, and so far in 2013 it is 28%. Almost one out of three people visiting our websites do it from a mobile device. And it is something that must be addressed in an internet program.

We not only create websites that are easy to navigate visually, but also sites that work well with mobile devices. Extra steps such as support for Safari for iPhone, and Explorer for Android, to ensure the site looks and the features work the way they were intended to, uniform table nesting to maintain font size consistency on mobile devices, and framework that does not distort in browsers of smaller mobile devices. Menus are also made friendly to touch-screen, by adding landing pages on top level menus, providing the option to touch through the menu items with ease. And most importantly, cross link nesting with touch icons to navigate through relevant pages.

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Other major mobile considerations are the types of applications that are being used to search and find suppliers in the specific field of our Allied Partners. For instance, a restaurant will have a number of apps that are used in volume by customers seeking local food. Not having listings and a presence on these apps, will mean that a lot of business will not reach the restaurant. Likewise, other industries like arts and crafts retailers, roofers, or martial arts schools will find there are specific apps that would be beneficial in building business. Part of our online process involves researching consumer apps and obtaining a presence in any and all apps that are of impact.

Constant evolution is also a part of the sanzMaxxon philosophy, and we are always seeking ways to improve and grow. A next step that we will see in new sites launched in 2014, is the inclusion of Adaptive Technology, which essentially is a different type of framework that allows our websites to recognize screen size, and mold the content to the screen size in a way that looks great, and preserves the branded appearance of the site. Also for 2014, we expect to launch custom iPhone and Android native apps, meaning that we will be able to create solutions that are specific to our Allied Partners, to better serve and engage their target market, and derive the growth that belongs to the pioneers of solutions on mainstream technologies.

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