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Website Design Services
Creating a site that is functional, user friendly, aesthetic, brand appropriate, and delivers results

Creating a website seems like a straight-forward process. You create pages for what you have to offer, and then find the way to reach the audience, that is the opposite of what we do. We research the consumer behavior online to find the keywords the target audience is searching for, and we reverse-engineer the site’s pages from the point of maximum online return back. The pages created tie into the online consumer behavior to the last letter of their name, and to the total assortment.

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The entire content of our sites from the Graphic art, to the speed of downloading a page, to the layout, to the scripts, and information links is not just optimized for search engine algorithms, but more importantly for the human eye, to improve clarity, desirability, and satisfaction of the target market. All images are not just selected for their beauty and relevance to the content, but also for their balance, color coordination to the target market and the other items on the page, and the overall feel and emotion they elicit. The different technologies used show the same type of consideration, with XHTML, and CSS dominated construction for search engine optimization impact, and Javascript, Ajax, and Joomla widgets for human engaging interaction, and SSL and SQL for quality resources of information interaction. The major technology decisions, are all taken to support the same program of machine and human audiences.

Another major factor in the page selection has to do with human intellect. The actual layout must be easy to understand for an average intelligence human, so visitors can easily navigate the site easily and focus on content instead of navigation. Therefore, the pages required must fit into an organization that makes intuitive sense. We find that placing the items in the menu in a logical sequence from interest to action has the best impact, and we support the simplicity of use with visual aids like widgets, and color coded icons, and redundant link nests on each page.

It is pretty amazing that our websites are larger than most competitors, with 70 plus pages, up to over 100, and loaded with relevant content, and yet they are very easy to navigate and understand. And there is a reason for the size as well. Our websites engage visitors far more than competitor websites, and we have the statistics to prove it. Our sites become an authority in their industry, attracting additional relevant traffic, translating into additional business.

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Once the templates are designed, and all the pages have been populated with content, the process of optimization of the site begins, including cross linking of pages in the body content, meta tag optimization, headers, alt-tags, and the opening paragraph of each page is fine tuned. This process is important, because optimization requires the correct density of key words in the text, and certain parts of the text are of higher value to search engines, so getting the right keywords in the right place makes a big difference in ranking results for searches.

The final step of building our websites is an external W3C validation service used to make sure that all programming markup is correct. Often times, attributes and tags are simply used in areas that are not proper according to the rules as set forth by the W3C as Standard practices for web development, but do not cause any kind of issue as these tags and attributes are simply overlooked by browser software. But sometimes they are truly overlooked mistakes on our part as we coded the pages, and could cause problems with certain browsers or devices that attempt to interact with the website. It is an important final step to make sure the site is free from defects. For perspective, if it takes an average of 15 minutes to fine tune, test and upload each page with the list of revisions produced by the validation, an 80 page website will require 20 hours to complete this final approval process alone.

We estimate the total time required to research and build each of our websites and the support social and networking requires over 1,000 employee hours to build (about 6 months of work), which translates into about $40,000 worth of work at market rates. This is a very large investment on our part, and that is why the preliminary assessment, the signed Alliance Agreement, the mutually approved strategy, and the market validation are so important before commencing a project.

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