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Paid Advertising Campaigns
Google, Yahoo, and Bing PPC ads to complement special opportunities

Pay-Per-Click, advertising on the major search engines and social networks can be of great assistance to drive qualified traffic to the sites. Landing at the top of the page, or having a highlighted flag in the local map section, or having a prominent visual banner ad on the side of a relevant blog, can drive interested users back to the website. They can also be targeted very well by geography in search engines and even down to demographics in social networks.

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There are many reasons why we employ advertising to complement our online strategy. Some keywords that are not ranking strongly can be prime opportunities for advertising. New service launches can be communicated on pages that are have not yet picked up with search engines, and could benefit from the boost of advertising to be noticed. Seasonal spikes in search volumes can be prime opportunities to maximize coverage in the first page.

We only work ads that are very specific, within clearly defined local geographies. For instance, we would not advertise a pizzeria in Weston, FL in as ‘food in Broward County’ because there are 100,000 people looking for food in Broward, so the speculation is the results will be great, but they will be poor and expensive. What we would do, is have ads that focus down on small ideas, like specifically about ‘Weston’s best meat lover pizza’, or ‘loaded pepperoni calzones in Weston’, or ‘Authentic New York crust pizza in Weston’. These categories have much less traffic, but our ad campaigns could have 30 specific ads or more to build up volume, instead of one vague ad with high volume keywords. This adjustment to ad campaigns delivers powerful traction and produces better results in our experience.

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