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Strategy Validation
When the plan sounds too good to be true, it could be... We take the time to make sure.

After formalizing the key priorities to work on, and the major goals to accomplish through the website, it is important to confirm through research, that the path selected has online business viability, by looking into online behaviors and trends, and competitor relevance in the path selected to ensure that the results expected are in fact reasonable with the refined direction changes.

Strategy Validation to World Reality

The importance of this step has to do with the many assumptions that are behind our ideas and conclusions, and the need to gather facts that support the areas of opportunity or concern in the strategy, and the overall direction of the path chosen. New information can sometimes come up that challenges the validity of the path choice, or even negates it entirely as an option.

The validation step also provides valuable information regarding the specific steps that are to be taken next as outlined in the strategy, as the detail begins to fine tune the steps of the path. So to speak, if in the strategy we decide to build three new office locations, in the validation step as we seek information on office functionality in the industry, we serendipitously find useful information about office work-flow design, traffic considerations, office furniture for different areas, etc. Since the next step is to build the office, this information certainly becomes useful.

At the end of the validation step, we have a plan that we feel confidence in, and have a solid understanding of what is important, and how it will be achieved. We are ready to create the specific objectives and metrics.

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