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Analysis and Theoretic Strategy Formulation
All information is taken into consideration, and the major opportunities and strengths are paired...

Strategy is one of the most important things that a business can do. It keeps all efforts centered around a path that leads to a prosperous and sustainable future. The step of creating a strategy is critical for online development, because the direction of the business should be in line with the investment in growth, and the website is one such investment that must be in line with the target market preferences, service assortment and production capacity of the business into the future.

With the information gathered from the assessment step, there is a good idea of the current market situation, and how it relates to the Ally’s business. The strengths, weaknesses, will usually have synchronicity with opportunities, and threats in the market, and the competitors online strategies will have flaws and missing pieces that can also become additional areas of interest. Running through the information, prioritizing the strategic items, and brainstorming on possible scenarios will help identify the higher reward opportunities.

Tentative plans are drawn, and then challenged against the assumptions that were involved in the process, and later fall back plans are drawn. The overall plan includes a holistic approach to the business encompassing from the purpose and intent of the company, to the priorities for growth, big picture operational objectives, and next steps of evolution of the business, to the personality, spirit and style that fits best. During the discussion, the core of the company is at the forefront of the picture, making it a great moment to capture the mission statement, and corporate values as well. It is good to frame them, and have them prominently displayed at the facilities of the business, so they become engrained in every employee, and they may live at the center of the day to day operations.

The end result of a good strategy creation step, is the formulation of a uniform plan and message from the website and network to the receptionist and point of service. A message that ties into a path that will lead to prosperity and growth for the Allied company, along with the security of a defined position in the market, and a clear direction for every member of the organization.

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