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Regular Updating of Sites
Sites that are constantly evolving are fresh, relevant, and bring customers back...

Websites that are abandoned by their owners can have great information, but become dated quickly, and because of that customers lose interest in returning, and search engines detract priority for websites that are not updated. It is a form of protection from providing the search user a result that is not an option for them. And therefore it is critical to maintain regular updates and adjustments to the page script, and not just on the main site, but on the entire network. For those who think that building a website is a project, and when it is done, it is done… think again. The maintenance of a website is a part-time job at the very least.

"The only thing constant, is change..." - Heraclitus 500BC

Change is certainly constant, and websites must always reflect current needs and preferences of customers, not be a proposition of times past. Many of the updates we do relate to engaging the interest of guests who sponsor our allied businesses, with solutions to market changes, new products and service launches, promotional offers, language corrections, graphic support, or any of a gamut of other improvements. Many times updates take the form of a new page in the site, requiring adjustments in cross links from other pages to the new page, creation of a new site map, indexing in the major search engines, optimization of the page, and advertising or the creation of a new satellite microsite to receive customers to the page. Other updates, like refinement of keywords in the text areas, or rephrasing of older information, can be made with only a few hours of effort, and uploaded.

Placing new engaging information on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is also a big undertaking. Not because of the time it takes to post a message, that is only a few minutes, but because there must be a selection process, and the generation of ideas that will be compelling to the customer to create engagement. Posting poor quality gets the Ally’s social site unsubscribed by customers, so maintaining quality is paramount in this area.

Video production is also an ongoing area of effort. The content must be full of relevant information, and be fun to watch, so the planning is critical. New videos must be designed, captured, edited, reviewed, and approved prior to being shared online. The process can take days for a single video of a couple of minutes. But good video support, and an Active YouTube channel help customers find our websites, and make money for our Allies. And performance is all important in our programs.

All our website programs are actively changing on an ongoing basis, with added features and easy sharing to maintain a fresh appeal through our process of regular updates.

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