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Internet Strategy begins with an Opportunity Assessment
Online strategy SWOT Analysis sheds light on where the good, the bad, and the ugly of where we are right now.

Situational assessment is a two level process. The first level of assessment is an introduction level assessment, in which we evaluate the online potential for a potential Ally in their market without any obligation or cost to our Ally. Consumer behavior and, search volumes, keyword use, competition and their online strategy blueprint, online leadership, competitive intensity, and the scope of the network and content that must be created to compete.

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The initial assessment is very informative, about the types of investments other entrepreneurs in the same field as our Ally are putting towards their online campaign, the uses of marketing of the key competitors, and learning how the consumers interact with search engines when seeking the products. This information can be useful to an entrepreneur to understand the strategies used by their competition, and the consumer trends in the industry. As a result of the initial assessment, we have all the basic information to gage the potential opportunity of an Alliance, and whether or not it is worth the time and investment required based on the return potential.

The second level assessment takes place after there is an Alliance Agreement in place, and begins with a SWOT analysis of the Ally’s business and the overall market, not just the online information. This analysis provides a great overview of the business’ Strengths and Weaknesses, facing the Opportunities and Threats of the market. The Ally is a key source of the information, and a key beneficiary at the same time. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize how great the opportunities are, that they have been overlooking for so long.

The information obtained is later used to formulate a strategic path to attain business growth.

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