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Creating related websites of interest to our target markets generates additional traffic at our sites...

When we build a site, we don’t just make a site. We build a network of support sites. Search engines pick up on the clout of a site, and a network that advertises a website’s product and service offering creates clout online. Each of the dozen or so microsites in the network includes video, images, and relevant text, creating a form of billboard online that directs traffic back to the main site. This network is also interconnected with hundreds of blogs and forums with relevant content and discussions, to attract visitors who then land at a microsite and later at the main site.

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The purpose of the network is not to fool search engines, it is to generate visibility of our sites across the web, and attract people who are interested in what we have to offer. At sanzMaxxon, we only work with White Hat SEO, meaning that we do not engage in any false or misleading practices to rank higher than reasonable in search engines. Our sites are legitimate, high quality business offerings, from entrepreneurs with integrity, and provide useful information, easy navigation, interactivity with multiple medias, sharing ability, interesting and rich extra content, and most importantly, deliver a great experience to the user.

Search engines want to be popular with their users. That is their ultimate goal, to show their users results that are what they were in fact looking for. Our sites rank higher because we earn it through our effort. Our sites deliver the quality, relevance, and engagement that search engines want their show their users.

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