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What our allies experience once the online strategies are in place and producing

“SanzMaxxon knows its craft. Not just in designing a website and online campaign that looks good, but in the measurable results. Only a few days after launching, we received our first booking request, and within a week, we had already received eleven, plus the many phone calls and emails of people reaching out to us for business. Considering that there is still a long way to go with the program milestones that we have agreed to, these results far surpass our original expectations. The future potential of the program at maturity is far beyond what we thought it would be. If there is a major concern, as a business partner to sanzMaxxon, it is that we may have difficulty living up to the capacity requirements of the new business volume that is coming in.

When we agreed to work with SanzMaxxon, our name was not Metro Shuttle, we had the transportation know-how, and the tools, but were facing difficult times. Finding customers was a challenge we faced every day. Sometimes, after driving around all day and waiting at shuttle points, we found no business at all, which added an edge of disillusion and frustration to our long hours and effort. The uncertainty and looming financial pressures were simply a reality of our business. A weight we carried in our day to day work. Now we are a company that not only looks better, but is performing at a whole new level. We are staying busy interacting with customers, and managing the business to increase our revenue stream from the opportunities that are now abundant. And what blows my mind is that we aren’t even in season yet.

The biggest change for me, only four months after starting our alliance with SanzMaxxon, is the outlook that I have towards my business. I feel excited about the growth, the opportunities, and potential. I like the way people see us now, we even present ourselves and carry ourselves differently because of the hope and enthusiasm this program has generated. Our confidence in our certainty of success is no longer in doubt, and we are beginning to experience the prosperity we set out to achieve when we started out in business. I can look at my family, knowing that their security is there, and nothing in the world could be more valuable to me than that feeling.

It is amazing that our alliance with SanzMaxxon has become a foundational part of our business in such a short period of time. We are very glad to have this opportunity, and look forward to many great years of mutual prosperity.”

Mauricio Muvdi
Owner, Metro Shuttle Transportation Services


Follow Up Testimonial

“We signed up for a full internet marketing program with SanzMaxxon about 9 months ago, and it has been in place now for a little over 5 months, and the results have been excellent.

We have customer inquiries, quote requests, and orders every single day. At the moment, the daily average is about 12 contacts from the main site, but we have had up to thirty contacts in one day. Our phone is much busier, and we receive many emails, and online form submissions. Before we depended solely on what we could get street side and the referrals from our contacts, but now our internet program with SanzMaxxon is definitely our main source of business.

We have had many issues handling the volume of customers, particularly in the areas of handling phone calls, processing orders, and time and vehicle capacity for the required services. These problems are a great blessing to have, when you consider that our prior problem was ensuring that the bills were paid at the end of each month.

We understand that as we grow and the internet program with SanzMaxxon becomes more successful, our payments to SanzMaxxon will grow as well since we pay a fixed percentage of the money we make, but regardless of what those payments come up to, we are securing much more than that for ourselves, and the cost of hiring a staff of professionals to create an internet program of this magnitude is something we could not possibly afford at this stage of our business.

SanzMaxxon certainly earns its pay through the contribution to our business growth .”

Mauricio Muvdi
Owner, Metro Shuttle Transportation Services

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